Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Still living, and still going!

Yes, I have been MIA for a bit but I'm still here, and still sticking to the plan! Well, kinda sticking to the plan... last week I flopped a bit - I had half a dirty, sinful burger on weekday and a couple of beers more than I should... also on a weekday! But hey, the Heat were playing so cut me some slack hehe. 

Here is one of my shameless (but actually shameful) selfies assessing my 2 week progress (fairly outdated, yes.. it's been 1 week since I did the second picture so hopefully I'll get something even better next week!). I think it's pretty good considering it was only 2 weeks!!

Yes, I am (very) embarrassed by this, but I think it is good motivation

Well, You'd be glad to know (I think) that I am back on track now and at full force. So full of force and determination that this week I decided to cut out my oatmeal from breakfast - just because I was close to getting clinically addicted to that stuff (sooo good *drool*). I mean, oatmeal is great for you and all that, but since I don't exercise in the morning I don't think I need all those carbs (what triggered me to do this was this post I read at hungry-runner.com). 

So, instead of my go to oats, I'm trying some crazy smoothies! So far so good! Second day in and I have to admit I miss the carb kick but I'm not altogether hating it. Smoothies are fun and every morning its like Christmas, you never know what to expect. I will post some of my best recipes here... but I am not sure if it is even worth it following recipes for smoothies.. you have to be adventurous, you know? 

Some more recipes to come (soon, I swear!) are (forgive me the pictures, I am NOT a food blogger): 

This is just a good meal idea

The patties are actually just sweet potatoes (these are slider size)

This chicken has some awesome tricks to it - trust me


Just because I'm not eating it doesn't mean you shouldn't

Anyhow y'all (yes, I said 'y'all', it felt appropriate... don't ask me why) catch up with you later! Before I go though? Did anyone get motivated to at least eat a bit better by this? Let me know if you have any recipes too, I need ideas!!

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ale162162 said...

Yeahh... Keep going, I don't think it will take too much time for getting the body you want... very nice for 2 weeks, and how you probably know, now is about to start de hard part... When your weight get stucked and its get harder to lose it. But... Keep going. About motivating to eat better, I've started some recipes of some salads, I think the best was the "Turked Cotage cheese salad" (i've just made it up... hhahah) lettuce, tomato, low fat turkey and a spoon of low fat cotage cheese. It was pretty good and with very low fat