Thursday, May 23, 2013

Clean Eating Crash Course For Non-Scientists

Are you guys ready? *drum roll* Ladies and gentlemen here is the much awaited for, highly anticipated post on what (the f's, h's whatever you want to insert here, but this is a clean blog so I won't - HA like the pun?) exactly is clean eating, eating clean... whatever you want to call it!

First, things first, let me ask: do you have nutrition courses, food engineering degree, NASA certification in rocket science? No? GREAT! If yes was your answer, that's pretty impressive and congrats but you really won't need it. 

Clean eating means, at it's core, paying attention to what you eat and staying away from things that are not natural - let's call them dirty. Anything artificial or processed is considered "dirty" when it comes to clean eating. So pretty much when you go do your grocery shopping you want to stay away of package foods that contain a loooong list of ingredients, half of which you can't even pronounce, let alone know what it looks like.

Lean proteins, veggies, fruits, seasonings, wholegrain and healthy fats and sugars are fair game. Always keeping in mind portion sizes and daily recommended amounts - it's all about balance ( is pretty useful for that).

Other than that, to make sure you have the best results possible to your well-being, make sure to drink lots of water (and I mean LOTS - as in a gallon a day if possible), sleep well and obviously, exercise!!
Clean eating may or may not be expensive depending on where you live, how hard-core you decide to go. I found my groceries turned out pretty much the same price since I already ate a lot of fresh produce before and I substituted what I used to spend with 'dirty' foods for clean versions. I am also using up stuff I still have in my pantry that is relatively clean (ie: canned grains, which are technically 'dirty' but I honestly think I will stick to those because they are too practical #cheating).

As I said, it is pretty simple (sorry rocket science people :/) and the great thing is - it is NOT a diet! It is a lifestyle a change and a concept. It's really honoring your body as your temple (I forgot to mention I am a bit of a Yogi - Namaste) and treating it as such.

Now, all that said, I have to admit I am taking this easy. I don't like anything too radical (except when it comes too sports :) but that is a horse of a different color - and a different post maybe). We are living, breathing creatures with desires and sometimes that burger or ice cream will give you that dirty look that is just impossible to resist - I say (and do) go for it! Every once in a while, preferably on weekends allow yourself to get down and dirty, just pay attention to quantities and everything will be OK and life will go on - as long as you don't let a one-time-thing become routine.

Any of you pumped to try? Let me know if you have any questions and I will gladly help you out! :)

Some useful resources:
Grocery list:
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ale162162 said...

Humm...Clean Eating... easy concept, hard to execute... hahaah... I will note that on my possible life styles list:
- Be a revolutionary
- Became a psychologist
- Stay as a fat guy with a sedentary lifestyle (so much temptation... hahaha)
new: - Start to Eat Clean
Jokes apart, its something that need some effort for me, and maybe in a few years I could try out.
I really hope to see that working for you, and who knows.. someday could be me!

Danielle said...

I hope you do get to eat in less than a few years! I think it is so far but I will keep you posted on the progress!!