Thursday, June 6, 2013

Turkey Sliders with Sweet Potato Buns

I told you guys I would be back soon...and with a recipe! So here I am! 

Recently  I have been doing a lot of research on simple, delicious and affordable recipes that I can convince you people to try and, even more importantly, love! 

That said, this turkey burger (but sliders really) with sweet potato 'bun' definitely hit jackpot and overcame my expectations! They have very few and uncomplicated ingredients (more often than not,  I noticed, clean recipies can have some very weird and hard to find ingredients that you will use once in a lifetime), almost no fat, a lot of protein and a decent amount of good carbs. The fact that they are almost too cute to eat also helps (I'm a girl so I'm allowed to call food cute). 

I got the original recipe from but tweaked it a bit to fit what I had at home... and made a little happy mistake that was actually quite successful. I have to admit I had little faith in doing a turkey burger with only turkey (no bread crumbs or eggs), I was afraid they would get dry or just fall apart. However, after seeing (and tasting) the results, I have to admit I am now a true believer! :) 

OK, enough talking, let's go to the good stuff! 


9 oz Lean ground Turkey
3/4 cup chopped raw mushrooms (feel free to change this for bell-peppers or any other veggie you have handy)
Cumin, Paprika, Chilli powder, salt and pepper
2 Medium Sweet potatoes
50g All natural barbecue sauce
Some arugula

For Burgers
1) Mix the ground turkey, mushrooms and seasoning together in a large bowl. (I also added a bit of the barbecue sauce to the mix here - mainly because I read the original recipe wrong and I thought I had to mix everything together at this point - oops - but it turned out great and I think it helped to keep them moist!)
2) Portion out 1.5 oz servings (should yield aprox. 9 mini burgers). 
3) Grill them in a hot skillet sprayed with coconut oil (my newest addiction) 

For the "buns"
1) Slice your sweet potatoes horizontally, so you are left with 'circular' slices of about an inch thick each. 
2) spray a baking sheet with coconut oil (I mentioned the addiction above) and place your slices in a preheated oven at 405 F for 17-20 min (I flipped mine at around 10 min to get some nice outer crispiness going)

To serve: 
Place a mini burger on top of one of your 'buns', put a bit of sauce on it, some arugula on top, and top it off with another "bun" aaand voila: Sweet potato turkey sliders! 
(I used the tip of the potato for the top 'bun' on the one in the picture to give it more of a bun-y look. )
You can eat 3 of these guilt-free in a meal and get the perfect protein and carb combo you need! Guilt-free and super clean!! If anyone is planning on trying, let me know how it goes~ 

Nutrition fact per slider (recipe yields 9 - I recommend eating 3 if you are making it a meal) 

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