Sunday, April 7, 2013

Messy good Sunday

I once read an interview where an actress (I can't remember who) said that when things in her life weren't good she would always tidy up her bed, but when things in her life were going well, she would allow herself not to make her bed for a day - just to celebrate that there is space for messy. So this is me, on a sunny spring sunday with a beautiful unmade bed! That's right, you heard me... a whole mess of duvet, pillows, sheets, and tedy bear, all intertwined because life is good. Fair enough it was laundry day and I just washed my sheets, but hey, the metaphor is still powerful! 

Cheers to mess
Part of the reason I am celebrating with my hurricane of a room is because Miami just gave me a day worth celebrating. Licoln road had a flea market today and that was where I headed right after not making my bed. The flea market itself was dreadful. Over priced not-do-great parafernalia scattered in 6 little booths. The fail of a market did not however spoil the amazing vibe at Lincoln today - packed as usual and just so much fun. Stopped at my usual go-tos: H&M and Forever 21 but had no amazing finds to boast about... next time maybe! I could have maybe found something if H&M decided to add some fitting rooms to their store, which would have allowed me to try some stuff on! Honestly people... the line was going around the racks corner, and that was not the first time I have seen this happen. Next time I'll post a picture I promise (its a given there will be a next time with the crazy brazilians  crowds that place attracts). 
A 'small' cookie dough crunch frozen yogurt at Tasti - only 80 cal for the whole thing!!

One absolutely MUST-taste while strolling around the area is Tasti's frozen yogurt. The place has  over 100 unbelievable flavors and even more unbelievable, in a good way, calories. Flavors range from 70 - 100 cal for a small... that's a large in any normal person's standards (the one in the picture is a small!).  I will leave this as my restaurant review for the day. 

Anyone has tips for good finds at Lincoln road? Restaurants? I have some more I've been there but I'll hold the suspense... and save for later posts! Tata! 

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